Congress Opposes Sesame Street!

The Congress of the United States of  America is very angry at Palestinian leaders because they requested membership in the United Nations. Members  of Congress regard seeking to belong to the UN as equivalent to an act of war directed at the state of Israel and its number one defender–America. But, Congress also wanted to make clear to Palestinians that having subversive programs like Shara’a Simsin– their version of Sesame Street– would not be tolerated by the American people.

OK, so the Palestinian version of Sesame Street is the only program on any Muslim TV that urges peace and tolerance to all people–including Jews. But, what is behind this message of love? Not a single word defending West Bank settlers who steal Palestinian land!! Where is the love for ultra-Orthodox Jews? Where is the love for Jews who spit on 8 year old girls for failing to wear “appropriate attire?”

Congress froze funds not only for Sesame Street but for hospitals and education. Let’s remember, the Palestinian Sesame Street does not contribute money to members of Congress as do Jewish lobbyists in America.

I write as an American Jew who is disgusted at silencing voices for peace and tolerance in the Middle East.