Cows Before Women

To those of us who inhabit the fair state of Missouri, we are blessed with the presence of  man named Senator Roy Bunt. This member of the United States Senate has a clear idea as to how our nation can honor those within it. On International Women’s Day, Senator Blunt offered a resolution that would make the day really significant for the American people. He proposed an honor to National Agriculture Day in order that we might”recognize the vital benefits agriculture plays in our daily lives.”

As I gulp my milk today, my thoughts went to those cows who voluntarily gave of themselves so that I might have good nourishment. Sometimes at night, as I gaze at the corn on my plate tears come to my eyes in gratitude for every ear of corn that  gave of itself so that I might eat tonight. God bless all the animals and plants on this  day of commemoration for Agriculture.

As for you women, eat your steak and be grateful.