Crazier Than Trump!

Just about  any intelligent person in America is sick and tired of hearing Donald Trump yell and scream hatred toward Muslims, toward  parents of a dead hero, and rambling monologues that deal with HIM and who is out to get HIM. So, for a moment, forget the Donald man, and turn your attention to David Blomstrom, a former wildlife biologist. I assume you  are wondering why pay any attention to a former wildlife biologist? Good question. Then again, why are we paying nonstop attention to a businessman who has endured countless bankruptcies?

David has uncovered a serious threat, not only to America, but to the world. He has discovered that JEWS are the cause of our problems, NOT Hillary Clinton! According to David, the “inordinate power possessed by Jews, or more precisely,by certain groups of Jews” threatens our nation. He cites specific examples of Jewish power:  “Zionists control Hollywood, they control the global economy, and there are numerous Jews in powerful US government positions.”

Want some proof?

!. The real name of Barack Obama is Benjamin Obamafeld.

2. The real name of Vladimir Putin is: Moishe Petrofsky.

I could go  on and on…