Danes Stick Together Abroad

Although Danish politicians continually complain that immigrants cluster together and do not seek to integrate within Danish society, several studies indicate that Danes living abroad follow precisely the same pattern of behavior. A study by sociologist Karen O’Reilly of Loughborough University in England showed that North Europeans largely associate with their own kind when living abroad. It also shows that for the 35,000 Danes living in southern Spain, integration with Spanish people or society was “minimal.” Her study indicates only 5% of Danes living in Spain could speak fluent Spanish and most still eat traditional Danish foods. Most of the 35,000 live in separate Danish communities.

Another study from the network, Danes Worldwide, revealed nine out of ten Danes feel Danish regardless of how long they have been living in another country. It also appears Danish parents keep their children from integrating within the society in which they are living.
Information from the Copenhagen Post

I am certain similar figures would be true about Americans who live in Mexico. Any American who has traveled when encountering another American greets them like a long lost brother or sister. Based on this study it appears that Hispanic immigrants do a much better job of learning the new language, new culture, and interacting with natives than Americans or Europeans who travel to other nations.