Darfur Refugees in England Threatened With Deportation

The Home Office in England is determined to tighten up immigration policies as part of the response against terrorism. It now insists that refugees who fled the horror of Darfur will be perfectly safe if returned to Khartoum. Mohammed Abdulhadi Ali, who watched his relatives slaughtered and his village burned to the ground, doesn’t quite agree with the Home Office. “When I came to Britain I hoped I would be safe. Now, they would like to send me back. If I go back to Khartoum I definitely will be killed. I belong to the Zaghawa tribe and that is enough to be killed.” Labor MP Glenys Kinnock argued in Commons that returning refugees is “morally wrong and unacceptable.” A Home Office spokeswoman said, “All applications for asylum are examined with great care. While we will not remove anyone who we believe is at risk on their return, we have made it clear that we will take a robust approach to removing those whom the asylum decision making and independent appeals processes have found do not need international protection.”

Am I living on the same planet as the Home Office of England? What do they think is happening in Darfur? Over 200,000 people are dead!

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    i am a gypsi this is what hapened to my aunty once when we were imigrating i think this is ridicilous. when my aunty arrived at the czech republic the capital city prague she got killed by the skinheads drawnd in the river and then hangd i dont know what would the english people say if they were imigrating to some places that they dont know….. me dad killed the skinheads that killed my aunty he now has a life sences in the prague but people dont believe what happend to my aunty the czech just think that the gypsies are stupid or something like that……….. they should help yous not send you back to be killed or be unsafe the english people are realy stupid…….