Dark Day For Hungary

The people of Hungary have spoken and their words are those of hate and anger towards poor people,k and particularly to Jewish people. Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party not only gained a majority of votes, but they now have a two thirds majority in Parliament to make changes in fundamental laws of the land. The far, far right Jobbik party which most resembles a modern neo-Nazi mentality walked away with about 20% of the vote. As Jewish Congress president Moshe Kantor noted: “This is a truly
dark day for Hungary.” Now the anti-Semites, the anti-gay, the anti Roma, the anti anything that has to do with modern thinking are now in power in Hungary. Yes, the people have spoken.

The lesson for Americans is that a similar outcome may occur in this country in the November elections. The inept political style of President Barack Obama has resulted in people not understanding the issues to be fought this fall. Republican control of the US Senate means complete deadlock that makes the current deadlock come across as moving. It is IMPERATIVE for Barack Obama to:

1. Hold weekly press conferences.

2. Come out with a five point program about the success of the Affordable Care Act that is constantly broadcast in America.