President Barack Obama thought he had resolved a problem with relieving General McChrystal of his command in Afghanistan, but it becomes increasingly clear in so doing the proverbial can of worms was opened. Senator John McCain, fighting to win a primary against a Tea Party opponent, decided the time was now for him to draw upon his military credentials and challenge the president on his war strategy. “you cannot tell your enemy,” said the senator, ” when you’re leaving in warfare and expect your strategy to prevail. That’s just a fundamental of warfare.” In one sense, McCain has a valid point about letting the enemy know when you leave the battlefield, but the question is whether in so doing the object of that information is the enemy or your ally in Kabul? As long as incompetent, corrupt President Karzai knows there will be US and NATO forces in his nation, there will be no move to end corruption and inefficiency.

Another problem is by appointing General Petraeus, the president is now trapped in a dilemma. The general has repeatedly made clear.”we have to be careful of deadlines.” What happens if Petraeus wants to hold off on sending troops home, does Obama fire him?