Death In Nigeria As Christians-Muslims Clash

One can only wonder how or why humans invented the concept of a God and then of a religion in their quest to emerge from primitive lives. There is no question religion has played an important historic role in establishing the basis for peace and kindness between people. Nigeria is an interesting example of how religion is a divisive force in human existence. Historically, the northern half of Nigeria became a center of the Muslim area while southern regions became Christian which created the basis for a divided country. The center region has witnessed the presence of both Christians and Muslims which apparently accelerates conflict.

During the past few weeks, religious violence has witnessed the death of over 450 people. According to Human Rights Watch at least 364 are Muslims although the exact figure for Christians has yet to be counted. Part of the conflict revolves around Muslim groups to institute Sharia law. At some point, Christians and Muslims in Nigeria have to take a step back and establish the basis of how divergent views can peacefully co-exist.