Democrat Beer Party Launches Attacks On Republicans?

It is now clear that Democratic controlled Fox News is encouraging Muslim fanatics who support the recent health care bill to attack Jewish members of Congress such as Eric Cantor in an effort not only to wipe out opponents of the health care bill but to stifle voices which support the Israel government. Naturally, Cantor blames Democrats for recent violence in Washington and around the nation. He accused Democrats of “dangerously fanning the flames of violence” by pushing through laws such as covering the health needs of poor people. Next thing you know is that Democrats will actually be pushing for dangerous laws such as food for children or support for low cost college loans to students. There is no question such legislation is divisive and only encourages those with violent tendencies to resort to weapons of violence.

Actually, according to Richmond, Virginia police, someone shot a bullet into the air and it landed in the building where Cantor occasionally uses a room for an office. Of course, Cantor and his fellow Republicans are supporters of guns being allowed in the hands of anyone. Is it not surprising that when gun nuts are allowed to shoot in the air, some of their bullets actually land in the vicinity of Jewish Republicans?

P.S. We have it on good authority the bullet has been identified as being fired by a Muslim.