Denmark Expands Gay Adoption Rights

New legislation that shortly will pass the Danish legislature will allow gay couples equal rights in being able to adopt children from other nations. Homosexuals who are registered as being a legal partnership already are allowed to adopt Danish children. Recent legislation now enables lesbians equal rights when it comes to issues of artificial insemination. There had been strong opposition to changes in adoption of foreign children due to fear it might lead these countries to take Denmark off the approved adoption list. However, Sweden passed similar laws in 2003 that empowered gays to adopt foreign children and it has not led to any changes in children being adopted.

The essence of adoption is providing children a decent family life. If gays or lesbians can provide such an environment then both the child and society benefit.

  • LvB

    Homosexuals cannot provide a mother and a father which is necessary for a child to grow well and be emotionally and psychologically well-adjusted. Men and women are different and that complementarity is necessary for a child to experience and see lived out around him in order to be a whole person.
    Denmark’s plan amounts to child abuse! The poor foreign children who will be abused in order to satisfy a selfish fantasy of the people who adopt them!!

  • Fred Stopsky

    Most of the people I meet in life were raised in male-female headed homes. I don’t know about you, but most people are dysfunctional when it
    comes to human relationships. Everyone tells me they had no role models at home regarding how to love.
    Care to examine figures on child abuse?
    Care to examine figures on domestic violence?
    Care to examine figures on divorce?

  • scott

    Get your facts straight.

    Gay/lesbian adoption in Denmark provides only adoption for children fostered previously by one of the partners in a same sex marriage.

    It is simply a question of allowing children already born by parents to be adopted by their same-sex partner in order to ensure the legal rights of those children- nothing more.

    Existing legislation does not allow provisions for gay couple adoption of Danish children in general.

    New legislation has been suggested that will enable homosexual couples the right to adopt non-biological children. To date, this proposal has not enjoyed majority favor in parlament because, while it does neutralize the current legal discrimination of gay couples, the fear is that it will result in a reduction of the number of children Danish parents would be allowed to adopt. Other countries would not be tolerant of the effect the change in legislation would have. That result would make the legislation, on the whole, detrimental to the situation of parentless children.

    Because the goal of enabling parents to adopt children is only to improve the lives of parentless children, this legislation will fail, at least until perceptions and misconceptions regarding gay parenting change drastically.