Does Israel Believe Might Is Always Right?

The New York Times revealed in its Sunday edition what many experts have long believed has been an ongoing effort by the Israel government to launch an air strike against Iran to wipe out its nuclear facilities. Israel military leaders believed with the use of American bunker-busting bombs they could take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. President Bush apparently vetoed the idea based on advice from Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who feared it would initiate a major war in the Middle East. Over the course of the past sixty years, there have been Israel leaders who genuinely endeavored to reach peace with Arab nations, and the road to Middle Eastern peace has never been an easy path. However, there are also Israel leaders who believe using force will gain their objectives and apparently do not view retaliation by Iran or Arab nations as anything of concern.

An attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities whether successful or a failure would have disastrous consequences for the entire Middle East and would spark an outbreak of suicide bombers and missile attacks in Israel which would then cause Israel leaders to suggest additional bombing and so on and so on. The road to war frequently provides individuals an emotional lift because it offers the appearance that something is being done. The ONLY hope in the Middle East is for peace between Israel and Arab nations.

Does anyone in the Israel military leadership ever consider that attacking Iran would initiate at least another decade of fighting, suicide bombers, and not a moment of peace for the people of Israel or Arab nations.

The reality is George Bush in 2001 turned down a genuine offer from the Iran government for peace and cooperation. Peace is possible.

  • Adeb Asmar

    Dose Israel really execit at the frist place? I dont think so,,, and if israel thinks to do anything dump with Iran like the killing of KIDS and WOMEN there doing in Gaza, Palstine Iran and i will promise you Iran will wipe there …. of the map. Thank You
    isreal = Cowardzzzz

  • Fred Stopsky

    Iran is not going to wipe Israel off the map. Please remember that Israel has atomic bombs and before any nation tries to “wipe out Israel,” the atomic bombs will be used.