Donald Trump Is Available

Chris Christie is enjoying a rather tough time these days, but there is good news for Republicans in the New York metropolitan area. Donald Trump has decided the American people need someone who can take charge and get the nation moving again. Christie may be one tough dude, but when it comes to giving orders and intimidating people, he is simply a minor actor in the Republican drama as to which big shot can be the American big shot. So, Donald has thrown his hat and his hair into the ring in order to become the next governor of the state of New York. Of course, before investing his money in a new enterprise, there are a few conditions:

1. He will not spend a dime to participate in any primary.

2. The Republican party has to united behind him.

3. Republicans have to take his orders or he will fire the entire Republican party.

4. Republicans must confirm that HE is the leader. Period. No dispute.

Donald is ready to spend a few million. In fact, he can use this political venture as a new TV program in which he wanders through the state of New York firing people who will not vote for him. Donald will become the first man in American political history who simply fires the voting public and just takes office based on his vote for himself!