Don’t Ape My Behavior!

I frequently find myself perturbed by behaviors of those seeking the Republican nomination for president. After all, listening to a speech on any topic by the likes of Palin or Bachmann or Perry or Santorum makes one wonder if we all come from the same genetic pool. Scientists now offer an explanation of men like Gingrich or Romney. Apparently, gorillas split apart from our human ancestors and chimps about 10,000,000 years ago and about 4,000,000 years ago we humans and chimps went off on our own. We Cro-Magnons share 15% of our genome with Gorillas.

Do you now understand the Republican presidential campaign? A group who contains more than the 15% gorilla genomes has entered the Republican Party and they want to take over the human race. The problem is not gorillas rising against humans it is these half breeds who are part gorilla and part Human who seek to destroy the human race.

How else can one explain the idiotic babble of Republican candidates? Do you understand their comments are actually gorilla talk and that is why they sound as though speaking gibberish.