Drink And Blow Up!

I have repeatedly  read warnings about the evils of drinking.  Here in America we are concerned that if people drink and drive they will wind up in an accident. However, in North Korea there is a somewhat different approach to those who drink when they should abstain from any alcoholic beveraes. Kim Chol, vice minister of the North Korean army decided to sip a drink in order to relax. However, the SUPREME LEADER and guardian of  morals, Kim Jong-un had issued a directive that during the  mourning period for his beloved dad, all would show  respect by “abstainin from pleasurable activities, including alcohol.”

Kim Chol was taken to a field, told to lie down and then hit by a mortar shell because our beloved leader wanted “no trace of him down to the last hair.”

Moral: When in North Korea check with the Supreme Leader as to what can be drunk.