Egyptian Blues

The ongoing dilemma of foreign policy in the Middle East has once again emerged in dealing withthe current government of Egypt. Reality is that the Egyptian military overthrew the government of Mohamed Morsi on grounds it was fostering division within the country by pushing an Islamist program that created fear among secular people and Christians. Traditionally, the United States supplies Egypt with over a billion dollars in military aid. The Obama administration is preparing to end this subsidy and create conflict with the Egyptian military which runs the country. Up to this point all American presidents have gone along with backing the Egyptian military, regardless of their behavior. If funds are denied the military it obviously will turn elsewhere.

Perhaps, the nightmmare scenariio is that Egypt turns to the ever ready government of Vladimir Putin, the man who wants influence. Support Syria, yes. Support Egypt, yes. As long as Putin comes across as the man of the hour and he can irriate the US, so what!