Eritrean Refugees Being Deported From Egypt

The plight of refugees from Eritrea continues to create issues in Egypt and Israel who are facing the prospect that thousands of these people are fleeing their native land. There are reports Eritrea is getting ready to resume its conflict with Ethiopia and is now forcibly recruiting thousands of new soldiers from its country. This has caused thousands of Eritrean to seek refuge in nations which can offer a respite from the violence and brutality that is so common in their native land. The United Nations High Commission on Refugees(UNHCR) complains these refugees should not have been deported back home but “should have been deported to, and resettled in, a third country.”

A major issue regarding the Eritrean refugees is that many are using Egypt as a transit area in order to reach Israel where they hope to find refuge. But, Israel does not seek any more Eritreans even as many are being used to replace Palestinian workers. The recent rampage by a bulldozer driver only accentuates efforts in Israel to rely on foreign workers and thus eliminate the possibility a Palestinian will turn out to be associated with terrorist organizations. However, as Israel accepts some it only makes itself a target for thousands to head north in search of peace and security.