Eureka! Boehner Finds Female In Binder!

Congressman John Boehner wants the nation to  go over a cliff, but he apparently has decided not to go over the cliff of only allowing white males to head committees in the House of Representatives. After announcing that every chair person of a House Committee was a nice white male, the sensitive leader decided to check his binder and lo and behold he found a female in it. Her name is Candice Miller and she will head the House Committee on House Administration. Of course, she has never been a member of the committee, but these are desperate days for Republicans.

It is so nice that Republicans have a house “nigger” who is female and white. The sad aspect of this story is John Boehner who repeatedly comes across as divorced from reality. Not a penny more in taxes for the top 2% of wealthy Americans and not a cent more for the lazy bums on Food Stamps.