F.E.A.R. Not Very Fearful

One of the outcomes of spending hours playgoing  video games about war is that  one obtains the notion all that is needed to take control of a nation is to use your hands and zap  the entire  government of the nation you intend to take over. Five members of the US military decided to overthrow the United States government. They formed F.E.A.R,–Forever Enduring Always Ready. Their purpose was to take over Fort Stewart and then march on Washington D.C. where they would kill the president and assume control of the United States of America.

They killed a fellow soldier and his  girl friend because of fear they would reveal their plot. As of this point in time, the Fabulous Five remain Five. There is no evidence of other members of this group so we are left to assume that five nut cases actually believed they could take over a fort and later a country. I guess their punishment should be playing video game of war–for eternity!