Fake “Invasion” Of Georgia

People in Georgia are furious over a newscast which announced Russian troops had launched an invasion of their nation. According to the TV station, Russian tanks were headed for the capital city of Tbilisi and President Saakashvili was dead. Although no one died, hospitals reported many emergency calls including a few who had heart attacks. President Saakashvili, who apparently never died was supportive of the broadcast and will now charge the program was simply another variation of attacks on him by opposition members. Georgia’s opposition parties claim Saakashvili uses state television in order to discredit those who oppose him.

I really don’t know why Georgians are upset. They should come to America where the president didn’t create a phony story which avoided killing anyone. The Bush claim that Saddam Hussein had WMD aimed at America resulted in the death of over 4,000 Americans. People in Georgia got off easy!

  • http://www.talkingtomyselves.com Debbie Unterman

    I have a Russian friend and had heard a small bit about this story. thank you for filling in the details, and you put an interesting twist on it.