Fatah Trial Deals With Torture

Many people in Israel are furious at the recent report by Robert Goldstone which calls upon Israel and Hamas to both initiate investigations into allegations of torture on the part of their soldiers. Palestinian authorities have begun a rare military trial of security officers who are accused of torturing a Hamas suspect to death as part of a campaign to crack down on militants who challenge the government of President Abbas. Haitham Amr was the fourth prisoner to die while in the hands of Fatah soldiers.

The world is usually focused on charges of torture and beatings by Israel soldiers and few are concerned when Palestinian soldiers employ torture on their fellow Arabs. As the father of Amr notes, “my son was taken from my lap in order to be executed. They know who killed my son and the Palestinian Authority is responsible for punishing them.”

Hopefully, Israelis can match the openness of the Palestinian Authority an begin an investigation into the actions of the Israel Defense Force. The challenge is there, will Israel respond to it?