Filipino Discrimination in Arab World

in his autobiography, Malcolm X is amazed when reaching Mecca at the diverse population of fellow Muslims ranging from white to dark skinned people. He regards Muslims as being free of discrimination against other people because their religion encompasses such a diverse range of ethnic, social and physical peoples.

Recent evidence is that as Middle East nations have used their oil wealth to bring in immigrants from Asia, the situation is changing. Filipinos complain about job discrimination and even being allowed to eat in restaurants. As one put it: “You can see and feel discrimination every day in government agencies. If you are an expatriate, you just have to follow orders and you don’t have a right to complain.”

  • expatriate-pinoy

    yeah its true that these arab people are so discriminating especially when you are not in coat or suit, if you are an asian that belongs to a thirld world country it was like they look down to you 6 feet under(you know what i mean), who they think they are? they are just rich just because of they’re oil and gas, but they dont have the brain or the skills that we workers have, im working here in doha as a light operator technician of intelligent lighting in a light and sound company, these arab people that i have been working with are such an unfair, we have the same position and same level of work, but his salary is much bigger than i do, he didn’t even finish high school, and me finish my college studies and gain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and oh yeah, none of my arab co-workers finish high school, but they have a bigger salary, its just because they are arabs, so discriminating im so sad about it, why is that, i wish the world would turn upside down let them arabs be on the bottom and asians on top and we asians gonna be kickin they’re asses.