Finland Welcomes Somalia Refugees

it is a long way from the hot climate of Somalia to the cold environs of Helsinki, but thousands of Somalians have been heading north for over two decades in order to escape the madness that is prevalent in their own nation. The first Somalia arrived in Finland twenty years ago and so far this year over 1,000 have arrived. Finland expects during the coming decade to witness the migration of several thousand Somalians to their shores. The Finnish government is presently granting asylum permits to Somalia families some of whom contain upwards of fifteen members. A persistent problem is securing housing for the refugees and initiating the process of getting their children into schools as well as language programs. It is estimated that one in four Somalia refugees in homeless at some point during their integration process.

The good news is that Finland has not turned its back on those escaping the horror that has become the failed state of Somalia. So far, no riots and anger toward the refugees.