Flash! Romney Believes In God!

Mitt Romney told an audience in Iowa that his campaign seeks to prevent God from leaving America and going elsewhere because the guy up there will not stay down here as long as Barack Obama is around here. If Obama is re-elected, he will “keep up from being one nation under God,” exclaimed the man from Utah whose religion believes some angel left tablets in America which were approved by God, him or herself. Mitt warned one and all that if Obama wins the election this year, “I think he wants to make us a European welfare state …. where government’s role is to take from some and give to others.”

Germany, which is in Europe and is one of those capitalist welfare states has an unemployment rate of 5.5%. Gee, I think most Americans would love to have that rate in this country. America now ranks behind virtually all European welfare states in life expectancy. As an 81 year old, please give we us some of that old time European welfare state life support.

Oh, as for taking form some and giving to others, I think Mitt might check out the Republican platform of welfare relief for impoverished Wall Street financiers.