For Young Sikhs, The Turban Is Old Hat

It is increasingly evident many young Sikhs in India are abandoning the turban because they find it cumbersome. Jugraj Singh told a reporter for the International Herald Tribune, he took off his turban, cut off his hair, placed it in a plastic bag and threw it into a river flowing out of Armistsar, the spiritual home of the Sikhs. “For me, it wasn’t an emotional moment.”

Although there is no hard data on what is happening to the turban, Jaswinder Singh, a lawyer and leader of the “turban pride” movement, estimates that half of India’s Sikh men now forgo the turban compared with just 10% a couple of decades ago. “We are going to have to battle hard to turn back the tide. Otherwise another 20 years will pass and India won’t have more Sikhs in turbans.”

I get as excited about such issues as I do when someone wearing a yarmulke tells me I should wear one. I could never figure out why God wants me to cover my head. This fascination with head covering bewilders me. Since we are born without head covering other than our hair, isn’t that the natural way God wanted it? Since other animals never cover their head, are they being disrespectful? I believe God is more interested in our commitment to justice and peace than worrying about what is or is not on our heads.
Information from the International Herald Tribune