Fox News On Rape

Among the mysteries of American political life is the fascination that Conservatives have with the issue of rape. Republican candidates insist that rape is really not a problem since women have the physical ability to shut down their bodies when being raped. Fox News commentator Bob Beckel joined in the discussion–not really a debate since conservatives really do not believe that concept actually exists–by offering his analysis on the topic of rape in colleges. “When was the last time you heard about rape on campus?”

In all honesty, I really have not checked in with college females as to whether they have or have not been raped. As Beckel put it: “well, date rape, yeah, that’s one thing, date rape. But are you saying to take a gun and shoot your date?” NO, please do not, just  let him rape you.

There are two certainties in life-Republicans believe in using a gun, and Republicans believe rape is simply another example of liberals seeking ways to prevent decent folk from not being punished for rapes.