Friendly Deaths

It was another hot day in Afghanistan and American soldiers confronted the heat of battle and death. A few were talking at a check point, joking about the world in which they resided, mumbling hope that once their deployment ended it was back home to wife and kids. They did not notice the two Afghan soldiers walking toward their position, after all, their days were filled with Afghan soldiers doing one thing or another.

The Afghans reached their position, smiled and greeted the Americans. For a moment, the US soldiers relaxed. Ah, but only for a moment. Before they knew what was happening, the Afghan soldiers fired rifles into the group leaving one dead and two wounded Americans. So far this year about twenty seven NATO troops have died at the hands of their allies. In 2008, only four died this way.

I’m glad NATO and US military are getting Afghanistan secured from the Taliban. Now, how about getting it secured from the Afghans??