From Island of Malta Comes Leader of Imperium Europae

Norman Lowell, is the latest in a long line of petty little men from a small island with ideas of grandeur. He heads a party named Imperium Europae, which he hopes will stem the tide of immigration that is destroying all that he believes is wonderful about Europe and Malta. He opposes “savage and uncontrolled immigration.”

I hate to inform Mr. Lowell, but just about everyone on Malta is an immigrant. It’s an island, Mr. Lowell, people have been migrating to it for thousands of years. There was probably no one on this little piece of insignificant land until some characters from Africa decided to hop on to it. l also hate to tell you, Mr. Lowell, but 90% of the people in this world never heard of your island. So, relax, enjoy the presence of anyone who wants to come.