Fruit Of Bush African Policies– Chaos In Somalia!

Several months ago, President Bush encouraged Ethiopia, which is predominantly Christian, to invade and conquer its Islamic government because he regarded the fundamentalist Muslims as part of the international terrorist movement. The Islamic government was wiped out and a new Somalian government put in place. In the past few days bloody fighting has erupted on the streets of the Somali capital, Mogadishu which has left at least 51 people dead in one of the goriest 24 hours the city has seen. Ethiopian soldiers fought insurgents in up-close battles that resulted in at least 10 soldiers being killed and one of the dead was stripped of his shirt and dragged through the streets in a scene reminiscent of the killing of American soldiers in the 1990s. The Ethiopian soldiers became infuriated and went through the city shooting people in an indiscriminate manner. A resident, Zakaria Adde, said, “We collected 12 bodies, mostly elderly people, women and children. They were shot by Ethiopians. Some of them bled to death in the streets where they were left all night.”

Thousands of people have left the capital and flooded into outlying towns where they create a new humanitarian crisis. The Bush administration provided air and naval support for the Ethiopian invasion. This is simply on more example of the inability of George Bush to conceptualize what happens after you overthrow a government?

  • Brian

    First off, What evidence do you have that Bush encouraged the Ethiopian invasion?

    Second, The US military support was limited to targeting what was thought to be Al Qaeda.

    Finally, to say that the Islamic Courts Union amounted to a Somali government is a gross overstatement. Their control over the country was not complete and they in no way had imposed the rule of law to the country as a whole.

  • Greg

    You’ve got to be kidding!!
    The fascist Islamist rulers are a gift of the failed Clinton foreign policy, also known as ‘kick me, I’m American’ foreign policy. Unfortunately, it appears the liberals haven’t had nearly enough of that brand of foreign policy.

  • Somali

    I agree with your analysis as forcing humans will not change people perspective. Somali was been invaded and occupied by Ethiopia as a mercenary representatives of the failure policies of the west. Financing and supporting military the occupier Ethiopians will only make the Somali’s more extreme and will not solve anything other than making humanitarian catastrophe as the Ethiopians are killing, raping and torturing the Somali citizens indiscriminately. The so called Transitional Federal Government does not have the support of the Somali public as it clearly stated public that it authorised the mass killing and violation of human rights to Somalis from the Ethiopians. The fact remains that no matter what people can not be forced to accept a government of not their choice. The current government are mainly the warlords and it is supporters and killers can not represent innocents and the world should not accept killers as the legitimate government.

  • os

    ask yourselves how a poor country like ethiopia can afford a war that coasts millions of dollars? America is behind what is happening in somalia.

  • yusuf essack

    You should send a copy to our senators and congress

  • Fred Stopsky

    Thanks for your comments. I agree with them. Bush funded this war and US naval and air units directly helped it.

  • Stephan

    bush funds every terrorist, dictator and murder as long as it helps his friends earning dollars with it. his greed and bloodthirst are unmatched by even the cruelest of massmurders like hitler, stalin, mao – because none of those accumulated a personal wealth. bush’s god is mamon! and he is ready to sacrifice everyone who does not warship his god ….

  • Brian

    Much of Ethopia’s Military Might can be attributed to its relationship with the Soviets during the 70’s and 80’s during which Ethopia had a communist government. Unlike the US, the third world tends to hold on to their military hardware.

    Additionally, the Islamic Courts Union systematically violated the rights of Somali citizens under its control through its draconian laws and practices. They were in no way better than the Ethiopian occupation.

    Lastly, the inarticulate and irrational hatred of President Bush is truly frightening. If you want to hate the guy, the least you could do is base it on solid facts and observations, as opposed to conspiracy theories and conjecture.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Yes, Ethiopia received military support from the Soviet Union, but that ended fifteen years ago. In their invasion of Somalia., US planes and ships provided military support. Any expert on Ethiopia will support my allegations the invasion was instigated by Bush. Yes, the Islamic Courts violated the rights of Somalia citizens, but at least they provided some stability to a nation in chaos. I am a veteran of the Korean War and some of my friends died, at least in a war that had meaning for the security of America and the world. George Bush lied to the American people at WMD. I think it is irrational on your part to continue supporting a man who created chaos in the Middle East, and whose incoherent policies have resulted in the death of 3,800 Americans and the wounding of over 23,000. Please cite an example of where Bush policies have brought stability and organization to any part of the Middle East. That is a challenge.

  • Somali

    One wonders how we should measure good or evil. Some stated that ‘Islamic Courts were in no way better than the Ethiopians’ I wonder how can a thinking human being think in such a way. First of all Ethiopia is country with military powers and stocks from it is past stock and currently pilled up stock that were been given freely to keep it is might and the Islamic Courts were a group of men merely from one some clan specifically from one sub-clan of Somali clan which also did not had the support and blessing of the international communities specifically the ones that fund regimes to be in power. Now that shows that they can not be worse than Ethiopians as they are weaker in militarily, economically and international support. The Ethiopians also had a deep hate towards the Somalis who they consider there public enamy number one as they know for a fact a strong Somalia will ask them to come to the negioting table and return the Ogaden Region in Ethiopia where the government of Ethiopia causes daily human rights atrocities as of today. So Brian do not mix apples and oranges. The Islamic Courts were Somalis and they did not hold such hate for it is people and that is why they brough peace and stability in Somalia and also Internationally. For the short period they were in power people were enjoying peace and stability the least and the International maritime was enjoying free passages in the International waters in Somalia without pirates. After the left What did the Ethiopians and it is allied brought are arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture, killing, raping, looting and indiscriminate bombardments into the civilian neighborhoods in the pretext that they are targeting ‘insurgency’ One would wonder why there is insurgency. The question that begs an answer is who is insurgency the one that invaded, occupied, killing, looting, raping and indiscriminately bombarding the civilians or the one that is fighting such in justices that is being carried out to his people?

  • Brian

    Libya is a clear example where Bush’s Middle East Policy has brought stability and organization. As a result of the Iraq Invasion, Gaddafi gave up his nuclear and chemical weapons programs. Increasingly, Gaddafi is becoming an ally in fighting extremists within northern Africa. Additionally, the withdraw of Syrian forces from Lebanon can be attributed in part to the more active role the US has taken in the region.

    Additionally, you state that any Somali expert will support your allegation that the invasion was instigated by Bush. Can you cite one? From what Somali is saying, the Ethiopians have a long standing hatred for the Somali people, why would they need Bush to tell them to invade?

    Additionally, what examples can you cite of the US military directly helping the invasion? As I said before, all reports of US involvement that I have found referred to limited targeting of Al Qaeda. To a certain extent, this did include leadership of the Islamic Courts Union as it included people wanted by the US government on terror related charges. To me, this limited support does not amount to the US supporting the Ethiopian invasion.

    Additionally, in the spirit of Veterans day, let me thank you for your service in Korea. However, if you look at the security threats posed by pre-war Iraq and the North Korea invasion, I think you will find that Iraq posed more of a direct threat to US interests then the North Korean invasion of the south did. In my opinion, military action was justified in both cases; but we do need to be fair about the facts. The shame in Iraq is of course the pitiful job Rumsfeld did in running the show. Of course, this is a different argument for a different time.

    Now, I’m not looking to blindly support the Bush administration, but you need verifiable facts if you want to convince me.

    I would love to respond to your posts, but I am having trouble following them. I get the general point that Ethiopians hate Somalia. The only accounts of the atrocities you mention comes from the head of the Islamic courts union, not exactly an objective observer. If you have any reputable accounts, I would like to see them so I can be fully informed.

    As for the Islamic Courts Union government, their heavy handed rule may have brought stability to parts of Somalia, but from the internationally perspective their rise was not welcome. Al-Qaeda was setting up training camps and they were training people destined to carry out attacks in Europe. This is a much bigger problem then the Pirates off the coast of Somalia. The stability brought by the Islamic Courts Union would have been short lived once the first attacks in Europe occurred.

  • Somali

    Brian, You stated that ‘the only accounts of the atrocities you (I) mention comes from the head of the Islamic courts union. This shows that you are not some one who is aware of the facts in grounds of Somalia or your only looking one side of the coin and that makes you ‘not objective observer’. In April, a European Union envoy asked Brussels to investigate whether Ethiopian and Somali forces committed war crimes in their recent crackdown on Islamist and clan insurgents in Mogadishu as he was concerned that “indiscriminate use of force in heavily populated areas amounted to war crimes” and wanted the opinion of Brussels.

    You asked why would Ethiopia need the encouragement to invade Somalia from the American administration since Ethiopia already hates Somalia well Ethiopia needs a friend, money (mercenary funding) to carry out the atrocities. It also needs the support, blessing and backing of the American administration in order to invade Somalia so that the Ethiopian regime can hide it is own internal problems specifically the gross violation of human rights and International law that it carries to it is citizens and also against the Ogaden region citizens and now Somali citizens inside Somalia and other Ethiopian oppositions.

    Human Rights watch stated that it ‘would like to focus on the conduct of the Ethiopian military, not only because the Ethiopian government’s military forces have systematically committed atrocities and violated the basic laws of war, but because Ethiopia is a key ally and partner of the United States in the Horn of Africa.

    The crimes committed by Ethiopian forces in the Ogaden and in Somalia are not unique, on the contrary they add to a mounting toll of abuses that have made Ethiopian security forces among the most abusive on the continent. Human Rights Watch has previously documented crimes against humanity by Ethiopian military forces in Gambella, and serious abuses in Oromia, Addis Ababa and other parts of Ethiopia.

    We recognize that Ethiopia has legitimate and serious domestic and regional security concerns, and that all of the warring parties share responsibility for atrocities against civilians. Nevertheless, nothing justifies the severe violations we are witnessing today in the Ogaden, or the conduct of Ethiopian forces and their allies in Mogadishu’.

    Brian, we are talking of war crimes, crimes against humanity and we are talking about a state in this case Ethiopia and it is supporters so let not mix apples and oranges as the Islamic Courts were not as treat as you making us to believe and there was a better way to deal with them so we could spare the lives of the innocents people who are dying ruthlessly as your only worried about any future possible sceniorio that they may be in danger against EU or the west but you seem not to worry of innocent lives of the Somalis and poor Ethiopian soldiers who are dying ruthlessly, and as I said there could have been a better way to deal with the Islamic courts of Somalia as they were merely represented a small sub-clan of a clan and you can imagine how small they can be to be dealt with.

  • Somali

    Somalia’s history has consistently been marred by colonial greed and unwarranted foreign interventions. These gave rise to various proxy governments, militias and local middlemen, working in the interests of those obsessed with the geopolitical importance of the Horn of Africa.

    Colonial powers came to appreciate the strategic location of Somalia after the Berlin Conference, which initiated the “Scramble for Africa”. The arrival of Britain, France and Italy into Somali lands began in the late 19th century and quickly the area disintegrated into British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland. Both countries sought expand their control, enlisting locals to fight the very wars aimed at their own subjugation.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Excellent analysis. Unfortunately, the chaos continues.

  • Somali

    Clashes Continue in Somalia Capital
    In Somalia, heavy fighting continues to displace scores of people in the capital Mogadishu. Hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee in the clash between U.S.-backed Ethiopian forces and Somali fighters. Mohamed Yussuf Hassan, head surgeon at a Mogadishu hospital, says doctors are struggling to treat the wounded.

    Mohamed Yussuf Hassan: “They get wounded far away from the hospital and because of clashes on the streets they cannot take the patients in time so they have to wait for many hours and the patients case becomes complicated and most of the times get infected. Whatever you do its difficult to make him recover that’s another problem, another challenge but we manage to overcome it.”

  • Somali

    Pirates lurking off the coast of Somalia have attacked more than 20 ships this year, including two carrying United Nations food. The militias that rule the streets — typically teenage gunmen in wraparound sunglasses and flip-flops — have jacked up roadblock taxes to $400 per truck. The transitional government last month jailed a senior official of the United Nations food program in Somalia, accusing him of helping terrorists, though he was eventually released.

    United Nations officials now concede that the country was in better shape during the brief reign of Somalia’s Islamist movement last year. “It was more peaceful, and much easier for us to work,” Mr. Laroche said. “The Islamists didn’t cause us any problems.”

    Mr. Ould-Abdallah the UN special envoy of Somalia called those six months, which were essentially the only epoch of peace most Somalis have tasted for years, Somalia’s “golden era.”