Fruits Of Unemployment

During the past eighteen months, Barack Obama was calm, cool and collected when the topic of unemployment was raised. He would get a determined look on his face, stare at the camera and assure one and all that his stimulus program was working and jobs were just around the corner. At no point, did he place JOBS as the number one topic on his agenda. He preferred to go down in history as the president who brought health care to the nation. This was a great accomplishment, but it never dawned on him giving a person health insurance without giving them work so they could pay the monthly insurance fee was not bringing them health care. The consequence of his OUTWARD INDIFFERENCE is all to present in Port Richmond, Staten Island where the result of not focusing on jobs has resulted in an outbreak of hate crimes by African Americans against Mexican immigrants. At least eleven Mexican residents of the area have been assaulted by African Americans in the past few months.

People need to work and when a blue collar neighborhood of African Americans witnesses men and women losing their jobs, their anguish is transformed into anger against the latest immigrant–the Mexican. As Carmen del Castillo put it: “We just came to work and get along, if we return to Mexico, we want to do so with a smile, not in a box.”

Sorry, Mr. President, being calm, cool, and collected does not put bread on the table.