Gates Sort Of Apologizes For Cross Border Raids

The administration of George Bush has been quick to condemn Russia for invading Georgia after that nation made aggressive moves into Georgia, but the president has insisted the United States never sent troops into Pakistan, and, if they did, there was justification for crossing the border. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee when he was pushed by Senator Webb about US actions on the border of Pakistan. Webb asked if international law allowed the pursuit into another country that has been done by US forces even though the Bush government denies it ever happened. Gates insisted it was his responsibility to protect US troops and hinted they may well have crossed the border and entered Pakistan.

Gates blamed the Pakistan army for negotiating a truce with militants in the tribal regions and the result “created the opportunity for the Taliban to cross the border.” Senator Levin believes the Gates statement that “we will do what is necessary to protect our troops” was an unofficial acknowledgment Americans entered Pakistan.