Gbagbo Just Won’t Go!

As events in the Ivory Coast continue to unravel, the man known as Laurent Gbagbo becomes ever more fascinating as a case study in power and how it impacts the human mind. There is absolutely no way he can succeed in retaining power even as his troops surround the bunker in which he is hiding. With each passing day, this former college professor increasingly resembles the last days of Adolf Hitler who insisted German soldiers fight on to the bitter end because he wanted death and destruction to the people of Germany. He blamed the German army for failing to win the war. Exactly, who does Gbagbo blame for the current situation in which the entire world is arrayed against his further rule?

French forces are taking a more active role in the fighting and it is clear they seek an end to this mad man of Africa. But, this being the modern world of communications, we can expect Mr. Gbagbo to secure speaking engagements and make thousands of dollars on TV interview shows. If I was Gbagbo, I would claim that Barack Obama was my classmate back in Kenya and wind up as a hero to the Tea Party!