Girl Fined For Not Cheering Rapist!!

Once again, the United States Supreme Court failed acting like a court committed to human rights. A sixteen year old girl known as, HS, was raped by a classmate in her high school. The boy charged with the crime, Rakheem Bolton, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to  two years probation, community service and had to take anger management classes. Rather strong  punishment, if you ask me. A few weeks later the girl who was in the cheer squad stood with folded arms and refused to cheer the guy who assaulted her. The school punished her behavior.

Her parents made the mistake of going to court because their daughter was punished because, “I didn’t want to have to say his name, I didn’t want to cheer him.” For some reason, school officials did not have  common sense and allow the girl to remain silent. They claimed when she cheered she cheered for the school.

The US Supreme Court refused to review lower court decisions which insist if you are on a school team, cheering must ensue. This is a ridiculous case and a violation of human rights.