Glenn Beck, The 155,000,000 Man

Glenn Beck informed America there were over 155,000,000 Muslim terrorists in the world since, according to his figures, 10% of Muslims were terrorists. Since there are 1,570,000,000 Muslims this means an awful lot of them are lurking in dark corners ready to pounce on we Americans. Beck was defended in his number game by Stu Burguieu who argued surveys indicate a high percent of people in Muslim nations have a negative view of American. Of course, within the United States the Tea Party has a negative view of the American government, which according to the Beck standard, makes them potential terrorists. I find it interesting that Beck and his cohorts did not cite any surveys about America from European nations where certainly at least 10% of European Union folk are not particularly interested in defending American actions and certainly do not agree with right wing Republicans. So, add on another 40,000,000 terrorists to the threat.

I assume if we add up all those who hate President Obama and all those who hate “liberals” to the list there are untold millions who would welcome the opportunity to kill a few Americans. Do we term them, “terrorists?”

  • 1776LibertyBell

    The point of Glenn Beck is that there are at least 200 million Muslims worldwide they back terrorist organization. It only took a handful to bring down the Word Trade Center and kill 3,000 innocent Americans.

    I took the numbers and put them into a spreadsheet to prove Mr. Beck was low in his number. Some countries are as high as 60% of the population.

    They are the only people that have a worldwide terrorist organizations. At 200 million they are dangerous and need to be dealt with before something happens and the wipe New York city off the map.