God Not Welcomed In Streets

Being God these days is increasingly a difficult task in France. They don’t want people covering heads when praying to the old man up in the sky and now the government says it is illegal to pray to God while in public. Interior Minister Claude Gueant made clear; ‘from September 16 there will be no more prayers in the streets.”  Apparently the French government got it straight from God that He does not want people to try communicating with him when in public, get inside a building is His message.

The entire silly episode arose because a shortage of mosques in Paris made it difficult for all to get inside one to pray during the day. Hundreds of men congregated in the streets and prayed. President Sarkozy will not allow Muslim women to wear a chador or niqab and he now will not allow men to pray outside in the fresh air.

I wonder if it is illegal to cross oneself in public. I see many athletes do it. What next, throw a “Hail Mary”pass and wind up in jail?