Goodbye East Ukraine?

Each passing day witnesses a growing movement toward separation of east Ukraine from the remainder of the nation. There is no doubt President Vladimir Putin is behind the so-called “separatists” who intend to become Russians so they can enjoy benefits of the Russian nation. These armed thugs have intimidated local police who now stand idly be as goons beat up those seeking to remain part of the Ukraine. Apparently, local police lack equipment, have low pay and may be enticed to become part of Russia which guarantees a dramatic increase in pay, more modern weapons, and greater respect from the local population. Unfortunately, the Ukraine government lacks weapons, it lacks money, it lacks means of transportation and is fighting for its own survival. The “Donetsk People’s Republic” intends to hold a May “referendum” which will decide if the population desires unity with Russia.

What can be done?

1. The UN General Assembly could designate Ukraine as a sovereign state.

2. As a sovereign state, the Ukraine would be entitled to request aid from the United Nations.

3. The European Union should immediately accept Ukraine as a member nation.

4. The European Union should then demand that a UN supervised referendum should be held in eastern Ukraine.