Government Aid To Business Works

A Republican mantra that is sounded at each debate and each speech by a candidate seeking the nomination for president of the United States is that government can not create jobs, only business can accomplish that task. For some Republican leaders Jesus Christ was a supporter of free enterprise and wanted to end unions and welfare for the poor. Just read his Sermon on the Mount if you doubt these words . The Internet was created by the Federal government, the airline industry is a product of Federal money and our train system was  heavily financed by the Federal government.

Mitt Romney, campaigning in the state of Michigan penned an editorial in the  Detroit News which argued President Obama  sold out our automobile industry by giving money to revive them when they were faced with bankruptcy. General Motors just recorded record profits and once again is the world’s largest producer of  automobiles–due to financial aid from the Obama administration.

Peter Cohan,  writing in Forbes magazine raises questions concerning Republican candidates like Mitt Romney.  “Romney is either a bad businessman, a lousy politician or both… does Romney really believe that he needs to embarrass himself by taking a position that will appeal to a fringe of the Republican party?”

The right question for the wrong approach.