Greek Children Decry Racism

Greek schoolchildren were recently asked by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR) to submit essays in which they could express their feelings concerning racism in their own country Greece, along with most European nations, has experienced the arrival over the past few decades of immigrants from many nations. Maria-Anastassia Louka, who submitted the winning essay, noted that many older Greeks were mistrustful of foreigners. “immigrants want to create relationships with us but Greeks keep their distance.” She also noted many Greeks purchase goods from foreigners because their products are often cheaper, but this is done secretly so others will not know they are buying from foreigners.

Other students argued Greece has a lot to learn from foreigners. Eletheria Tsaknaki, sad, “I want to appeal to the government to listen to political refugees and not abandon them to an uncertain fate.” Sometime the words of children are more meaningful than the hate that comes from adult voices.