Grinch Steals Xmas!

Those who oppose Santa Claus and Xmas trees are at it again in Denmark. The nation’s culture minister supported a decision by people belonging to residential complex who decided not to fund an annual Xmas tree. Minister Elbank agreed Xmas trees were a wonderful “tradition” but it was not the role of government to interfere with local decisions of people as to whether or not they wanted an Xmas tree.

Mr. Elbaek has received death threats– I think they came from a group of reindeer– because he will not provide financial support for the tree. A newspaper  revealed that a Salvation Army group in that residential area noted most people did not have “Danish names.” You can bet who those people are. Muslims!! Don’t Muslims know that when Christ was born in Palestine Jewish people celebrated important events with an Xmas tree? Don’t those damn Muslims know that Santa Claus is a well known Jewish person?

Why don’t they go back to where they came from??