Growing Problems for Coptic Christians in Egypt

There is increasing evidence, Coptic Christians who have lived peacefully with Muslims in Egypt of 14 centuries are encountering higher levels of discrimination. A few months ago violence broke out in Alexandria when Coptics tried to expand their church. A week later a Coptic Christian riding a bike hit a Muslim girl which provoked a riot. Last week, arguments over land tenancy resulted in seven Coptics and six Muslims being injured.

Nabil Abdel Fattah of the Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies blames the rise in tension to “a significant increase in the number of Muslims who embrace the Wahhabi doctrine, be they clerics or ordinary citizens.” School curriculum in Muslim religious schools portrays Coptics as strangers and not part of the community despite the fact they predate Muslims in Egyp

Of course, Wahhabi religious bigots are funded by our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia. It is ironic that so many American Christians adore George Bush, the man responsible for policies resulting in most Christians being compelled to leave Iraq and Egyptian Christians being persecuted because he supports groups that are anti-Christian. When will American Christians wake up and realize George Bush has done more to harm Christianity than any president in history?