Guns For Hire In Great Britain

Historically, Great Britain was known as a society in which the use of weapons in crime was unusual and in the old days, the Bobby never carried a gun. A recent investigation by the Guardain newspaper reveals revolutionary changes in attitudes toward guns on the part of criminals. In the old days, criminals rarely used a gun when confronting the police, but today, they most probably possess weapons that far surpass the firing power of what is carried by an ordinary British policeman. The recent arrest of Wilkinson who ran a factory from whose weapons a reported 50 people were shot is hailed as an important step in dealing with arms sales, but, most probably, it will not impact gun sales. A source told a Guardian reporter, “You can get a clean(unused) 9mm for $3,000, a Glock for a couple of grand” and in Liverpool, “you can put in an order for 10 guns and some grenades and they’ll say OK and two weeks larter they will be there.”

The source told the reporter East European criminals are much more prone to rely on heavy weapons and are not afraid to employ violence in bullying their way into power. He thought they were organized in a more extensive manner than a Jamaican gangster. There is little doubt the world of crime is changing as cfiminals arrive from all parts of the world and they are more aggressive in use of guns than the old fashioned British criminal.

Globalization impacts all facets of life, including crime and death.