Guns Of November

Hamas leaders possess an unusual capacity to push a situation to the brink and sometimes forget if one pushes to the edge, it is possible to fall off it. Hamas is firing hundreds of rockets into Israel and now one has reached Jerusalem. Does anyone in Hamas leadership actually believe Israel will allow rockets to hit Jerusalem? Does anyone in that leadership grasp firing at Jerusalem will enrage the entire Christian world including millions of Americans?

If a single Hamas rocket hits a religious building then it is clear Israel will invade Gaza with the blessing of the entire European Union and the United States. What else can Israel do even though they are  partially responsible for the current impasse in negotiations for peace with Palestinians.

First step, and the most important step is for the US to make clear to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that West Bank settlements will be suspended for three months. Second step is then to sit down and negotiate with President Abbas and resolve issues. Can they be resolved? Both sides came very close just four years ago. Return to where both sides were a few years ago, build on it and forge a temporary peace agreement.

Bombing will only lead to Israel war with Hamas and then with Hezbollah