Hamas Attacks Christian Facilities In Gaza Strip

Anarmed group of 14 gunmen forcled their way into the YMCA library facility and burned most of the books while causing damage to the property. The YMCA also operates a gym and a dance hall in Gaza. The latest episode of anti-Christian behavior merely continues actions by Muslim groups against Christians. During the early days of the Palestine Liberaton Organization, many Christians played leading roles in the organization and fought alongside Muslims in the fight to create an independent Palestinian nation. Half a century ago, Christians constituted 15% of the West Bank and Gaza areas, but now they are 1.5%. The city of Bethlehem once was over 50% Christian, but now the figure has fallen to 20%.

George Bush ordered an invasion of Iraq and now about two-thirds of that nation’s Christians have fled, fearing for their lives. Christian women in Muslim controlled nations of the Middle East face the same problms as do Muslim, and many now wear the heascarf to avoid problems. Those opposing Israel frequently cast issues as Muslim vs Jew, but the evidence is clear that Hamas style groups also want to drive out Christians. It is time for Muslim leaders to denounce attacks on Christians and recognize how their actions impactnon-Jewish groups.