Hate Crime?

There is confusion over the death of a young Hungarian girl who was visiting the country of Slovakia. Hedvig Malina claimed she was insulted and beaten because she dared to speak Hungarian in a nation that is not Hungary. A man who claimed she lied committed suicide the following day. Police are now ready to charge Ms. Malina as the instigator of a hate crime.

Americans are oblivious of deep seated ethnic, linguistic, and cultural differences that continue creating division and tension within the European Union. I believe the EU eventually will surmount these divisive factors but it will take time. The EU is closer in time to America during the 19th century when linguistic and cultural divisions were much more pronounced than they are today. Approximately 5000 people were lynched in America between 1865-1940. Four thousand were African Americans but hundreds of others were people of Asian backgrounds as well as hundreds of others deemed to be “foreign” because of speech or dress or cultural traits. I believe Europe is currently experiencing these tensions which arise when a union of people is being created.
Budapest Sun June 4, 2007 “Confusion Over Hate Crime”