Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comment.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “World’s Tallest Man Seeks Love”
He will bend over to any extent to get it.

UAE, Khaleej Times: “Astronomers Find Rocky Planet”
The NRA insists humans have a right to bring their guns to it.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Bernanke-Recession Over”
Tell that to the 12 million unemployed.

USA, NY Daily News: “Man Jailed For Sex Talk With Dog”
I bow to the dog lover in this one.

UK, The Independent: “Eunuchs Demand Right To Vote”
They really have balls to make such demands!

Sweden, The Local: “Cockroach Surprise”
They are coming out now that Obama is president.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Who Will Save Christmas?”
Jesus Christ?

USA, Army Times: “Man Alive Despite Phone Call”
I always thought one could use a cell phone in heaven.

UK, Guardian: “Ten Best Seduction Techniques”
Money, money, money, money, power, power, etc…

South Africa, Argus: “School Weapon Crackdown”
Has the NRA head they are depriving kids of their 2nd Amendment rights?