Each week we offer a survey of headlines that appeared in the world press.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Abortion Responsible For Fires”
And, what about the impact of abortion on the banking crisis!!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Barbie Most Powerful Doll In World”
I thought it was Sarah Palin.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Media Upset Over Chicken Products”
I think this is calling fowl over nothing.

UK, Guardian: “Joy Of Sex Education Films”
Love is just a three letter word.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “What Do We Tell The Children?”
The truth?

Sweden, The Local: “Police Probe Naked Police Party”
They want to get at the naked truth as to what happened.

Netherlands, Netherland News: “Paris Airports Close For Evening”
Any plane in the sky will have to wait for morning to land.

Australia, The Age: “Sick Joke From Father Of The Bride”
Marry my daughter.

Latvia, Baltic Times: “Madonna Coming To Tallinn”
Wow, I’ll have to get a plane ticket and head there.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Conference on Anti-Social Behavior”
For or against?

UK, Guardian: “”Cannabis Telling Milkman”
he wants you to be hight and healthy.

Australia, West Australian: “Fat Lady Has Sung”
Now, the Senate Opera of Republican hypocrisy can begin.

Sweden, The Local: “Is Sweden A Good Place For Children?”
As long as they have on warm clothing.