Each day we offer headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Australia, The Age: “Black Day For The Ivy League”
Someone recommended a degree for human service be awarded to George Bush.

Qatar, Khaleej Times: “Get Serious About Child Obesity”
Make them walk to school.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Hunters To Seek Solving Deer Death”
According to this reporter’s with the deer, it was the fault of an NRA fanatic.

Czech Republic: “Lawyer Must Apologize For Slander”
About his client or the defendant?

Singapore, Straits Times: “School Sorry For Banning Kilts”
I’ll have to look up this story for more information.

Bangladesh, Bangladesh News: “Health Officials Limit Flu Purchase Use”
If you get rid of the flu, that means less work for health officials.

UK, The Independent: “No Need For Sharks To Go Public”
If they appear “au naturel” they might be accused of displaying nudity.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Racists Are Everywhere”
Fox News, Rush Lumbaugh, Lou Dobbs, etc…

Norway, Nettavisen: “Swindlers Take Advantage Of Disaster”
The best description of Wall Street in one sentence.

Bahrain, Khaleej Times: “No Panic After Indian Flies Over Dubai”
He just flew over and never landed, you’re safe from swine flu.