Headscarfonomics In Turkey

The headscarf controversy raging in Turkey has some unexpected economic factors which threaten the livelihood of merchants. The numerous headscarf and wig producers are following closely the debate regarding government proposals to lift the ban on females not being allowed to have a headscarf in a university setting. The ban created a huge demand for wigs from the hundreds of thousands of women who preferred to cover their hair by wearing wigs in an effort to get around the law. Wig tradesmen based in Istanbul think they will be hit hard after the planned constitutional change.

There are always economic winners and losers in the free market societies of the world. A ban on headscarfs led to an explosion in manufacture of wigs so devout Muslim women could have a way of dealing with the ban while still covering their heads. Now, the ban will be lifted and the new explosion is in manufacture of headscarfs. Free enterprise never loses in the battle of the marketplace.