Here To Stay!

The long war against the Affordable Care Act may be drawing to a close despite efforts by Republicans to continue their campaign of demonizing the act of providing health care to those who lack such a luxury. Originally, the Congressional Budget Office predicted if every thing went OK about 7 million would sign up by the end of March, 2014. It is not April 1 and at lead 7.1 million have signed up with a few hundred thousand still to be accounted since they are still in the process of handling paper work. Naturally, Senator Mitch McConnell is upset because people have been forced to obtain health insurance. In his neck of the woods, people prefer not having health insurance because it stimulates a sense of being an individual and which is preferable–being an independent person with no health insurance who can stand on his own two feet and go bankrupt or become a part of GOVERNMENT program which provides health care to people.

Yes, some have lost their original policy with its high deductibles and now have improved services at less cost. In all honesty, there are those who will pay higher premiums because the Affordable Care Act offers a wider range of benefits. For President Obama the nightmare is over. As he put it: “there are no death panels, Armageddon has not arrived. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.”