Hillary Clinton Hits Home Run At Democratic Convention

Senator Hillary Clinton gave a masterful speech at the Tuesday evening session of the Democratic Convention. She directly confronted any of her supporters who are angry and ready to vote for McCain by challenging them as to whether the campaign for her nomination was about her or about the issues and ideas that she advocated. She emphasize to her supporters that John McCain stood for the opposite of everything they were fighting to achieve and a vote for him was a vote against women rights, against health care, and a vote for someone who is more likely to seek military solutions instead of diplomatic ones. She continually emphasized she was voting for Barack Obama and she urged them to return to the Democratic party and fight for its beliefs.

Hillary Clinton displayed passion, conviction, and a sincere commitment to support the Obama candidacy in the fight to end the Bush fiasco in America. She pointed out it was no surprise the Republican convention was being held in the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, since the twins of Bush and McCain could not be told apart when it came to their political and foreign policy beliefs. She specifically pointed out a major goal of her campaign was obtaining affordable health care for all in America, something opposed by McCain but supported by Obama.

There is no question Senator Clinton will be out campaigning for Obama and working to persuade women to follow suit. Her speech was undoubtedly the best she has ever given and it captured the admiration of everyone in the convention. She laid to rest any qualms that existed regarding her support for Senator Obama.