HIV Devastating Swaziland

A new United Nations report by the UN Development Program(UBDP) reveals a growing disaster in the African nation of Swaziland which has been impacted by a 40% infection rate for the entire population. Swaziland is governed by King Mswati III who has thirteen wives and undoubtedly sets an example of sexual behavior. The UN report blames the rampant HIV-Aids problem on promiscuity, polygamy, multiple sexual partners, and extramarital relations. “If one sexual partner in such sexual networks is HIV positive and sex is unprotected the practice becomes an important dirver of the pandemic.”

Hopefully, once the Bush adminstration is removed in America, more money can be allocated to birth control efforts which include extensive use of condoms in order to ensure safe sex. It is doubtful in the short run if cultural practices such as polylgamy can be curbed, but the presence of a safe sex campaign can assist in dealing with the problem.